You Should be Using a Studio

//You Should be Using a Studio

You Should be Using a Studio

Let me paint a mental picture for you. Maybe it’ll sound familiar:

You want to do some portrait photography, maybe build your portfolio a little bit or make some extra cash doing headshots. Regardless, it’s time to set up the shoot. You’re confident in your abilities and you’ve done some great photos for your friends and maybe even some clients outdoors, but now a client wants some headshots with light you know you can’t get outdoors.

You don’t want to seem creepy and invite this person, who doesn’t know you, over to your home. You also don’t want to seem creepy by asking to go over to their place. So now you’re stuck trying to find a place to shoot because you know it’s unprofessional to ask your client if they have a location to shoot at.

Some things I’ve done in the past to avoid shooting in either my own or another persons home are:

-Shoot at the photo studio in my college, even though paid work was prohibited…

-Rent out the community room in my apartment community

-Rent an hourly office space

And I have done headshots in a clients apartment before. That’s always uncomfortable because it’s their home, you have to lug all your equipment around, and there’s usually not enough space to use a proper lens and light setup. You feel less professional.

A lot of this actually inspired how I wanted my studio, HYVE studios, for people. I wanted to give photographers the professionalism of their own studio. Photographers have to rent online at least 24 hours before their shoot, then the spot’s reserved and they never have to worry about a double booking. Then we send out a code to their cell phone that allows them to unlock the door themselves. I think that’s more professional than needing to wait for someone to come and unlock the studio for you, especially if you’re waiting with your client. Then you go inside, use the studio for your shoot, and leave!

Other photo studios may have different setups, but one thing is commonplace: you look more professional. From the customers point of view, just being INSIDE a photography studio inspires confidence. If you have all that big, fancy-looking equipment, that also inspires confidence. Studios show that you’re a real professional who knows what they’re doing.

All in all, if you meet with clients in a professional manner, you should be using a photography studio. Not shooting in a place either of you live.

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