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Included Equipment

Important: Due to the nature of the studio, there are times where damage may occur to equipment or studio resources. Should something be necessary for your shoot and would like to make sure it's readily available, please be sure to contact us prior to your shoot to assure it's available. HYVE studios is not responsible for any equipment or resources that is not available at the time of your shoot, or is out of order. 

  • X2 Neewer Radio Slaves
  • X2 Neewer Octagon Softbox (30")
  • X5 DS-300 Studio Strobes
  • X5 Yellow Striped Sandbag (15 lbs ea.)
  • X3 White studio umbrellas
  • X2 Light stands (In addition to the 8 on the lights)
  • X1 Step Ladder
  • X1 Posing Stool 230lb limit (Currently Unavailable)
  • X1 Small product table 40lb limit. (Currently Unavailable)
  • X1 Rolling metal wardrobe rack
  • X18 Wood hangers
  • X1 Boom Light Stand
  • X2 Electrical Extension cords
  • X1 Backdrop support system
  • X2 Floor fans

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