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Inland Empire's newest professional photography studio for rent.

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Welcome To HYVE studios

Studio Rental

Rent our 1000 square foot studio space starting at just $25 per hour for all your photography needs! All at an affordable hourly rate!

Client Meetings

We understand it's hard to find a good, quiet place to meet a potential or current client. Utilize our studio to meet your clients, and get them aquainted with the studio!

Workshops & Classes

We host affordable photography workshops to improve your skills and take your photography ventures to the next level. Or, rent the studio to host your own workshop!


HYVE studios has an on-site professional photographer who is available for hire, or to assist you during your own shoots at the studio!

Inland Empire's newest pro photography studio starting at just $25 including lighting equipment.

Book your photo session today, or rent our studio for your photography business! Hundreds of Photographers don't have a professional studio to shoot in. Well, now they do! And so do you! Experience the HYVE.

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