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HYVE studios is much more than a studio. It’s a place to learn about photography.
And a place to discover your creative side. We offer classes (one on one) for people of all experience levels.

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Courses we offer

How to Shoot on Manual Mode

This course will teach you how to get away from that 'Auto' mode. You'll learn how to control your DLSR camera to take the images exactly the way you want, including ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, and lens controls.

How to Photograph & Light People Indoors

People can be difficult to photograph nicely. In this course, you'll learn posing techniques, composition, catch lights, hair lights, and more to improve your portrait photography in a controlled/studio environment.

How to Photograph & Light People Outdoors

Outdoor portrait lighting can be difficult. This course will teach you how to properly photograph someone outdoors with natural light, or a mix of natural and artificial light.

How to Photograph & Light Products Indoors

In this course, you'll learn how to photograph products in a controlled environment. Whether this is for selling something online or just showing to friends and family, you'll learn techniques for proper product photography.

How to Photograph & Light Products Outdoors

Sometimes you need to take a picture of something outside, but can’t quite make the camera see it the same way you do. This course will teach you how to use natural and artificial light outdoors to show off your product.

Photoshop: People

Photoshop isn’t always easy, and certainly doesn’t do everything for you. In this course, you’ll learn techniques to edit photographs of people with industry-standard software.

Photoshop: Pop!

Photoshop can be very technical, and photoshop isn’t fully automated by any means. This course will teach you some editing techniques to make your images pop!

Photoshop: Composite Multiple Images

Learn how to combine multiple images into one!

Night Photography

It can be fun, but tricky to learn how to photography at night or in low-light conditions. This course will teach you how to use your equipment to photograph at night!

Improve Your At-Home Photography

If you love to take photographs around your home to capture the memories, but you want to improve your skills enough to make these memories even better, this is the course for you! No fancy lights or equipment, just you and your DSLR camera.

Everything else

Don't see a course you'd like? Just Email us! We'd be happy to see if we can work out a custom course for your needs.